Saturday, March 1, 2014

Grateful me :)

I am definitely one of the hundred YFC before na nattakot mag-Crossover to SFC. Part of it is yung malaking takot na baka di matapatan ng SFC ang YFC experiences ko. But the Great God prove me I'm wrong with my idea. When I cross to SFC, it was again another life changing decision. I bought myself back to service which I long for quite sometime before ako mag-SFC. I became an SFC during the time that I was journeying again to find everything.

Thanks to Elaine (nagkabangaan lang kami yata nun sa my Paciano chapel) who invited me to CLP. To my dearest team leads Pepz and Ate April. To my faci ateFritze. At kay Kuya Dennis. To all the service team that time, Kuya Armand Kuya Kitzat Mareng CheanneKLangMichelle, Ate Ellen at Ramona. Thank you! Kahit na hindi pa 100% ang heart ko joining SFC that time. But then you all proved me that taking SFC as another leap to my service life is another path with the Father.

SFC taught me how to take life seriously with fun. I had my 2nd family. Great sets of friends and titaos and titas. Pretty sisses and poging brothers.

And sharing it to my fellow YFC who also had the guts of also taking the another leap to cross to SFC. 

My besties Lyka and Ardyey.
My little sibs Noem, Pi, Anton, Daryl, Etchut, Meecko, Drofelc, Arturo, Ebbe, Nelle, Jay at si Bebe Miles who I also shared the same fun experiences with the Lord during YFC. And not just me but madami na talaga tayong ngpupursue ng Crossover mission.

I will always be grateful to be part of this growing communtiy especially my SFC Central 1 Family. Truly that the Lord uses us again and again and again for us to share His word to the world again and again. His greatness will always shine sa bawat isa sa tin. Let's keep the faith shining for others to be able to see Him through us. Indeed I am always blessed for I was able to blessed other through my own litliest ways.

I am Yan Abarra,
Proud SFC Central 1

Monday, December 30, 2013


Yesterday was a big blast. A big throwback day indeed. Before, I am just one of the spectators. Listening to the speaker, active player and not to mention stolen moves here and there. I am just one of them not having yet the passion to do what I am doing right now.

I became a total NOSTALGIC.

I am always YFC. YFC by heart.

I know i am not able to turn back those precious memories. But truly with those kind of activities, I always be thankful for what happen to me for the past 14years of service to the Lord. He blessed me with a passionate heart, reliable friends and nth power blessings.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


I wake up early,
I pray without ceasing..
I prepare for great things ahead.
I walk through the never ending road of frailties.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pointing Up.

            Yesterday, As I attended Liveloud 2013, I realized mere things that was beyond of the present. I may be late sa Liveloud concert, but He showed me hundreds of reason why I need to go there and pursue even if the traffic's getting me insane. The start of my day was just as fine as an old hazy day. Nothing's special until I got the news from my Operations Manager that they are already giving back my Sunday off. Praise God to that!. And that maybe one of the 1st exciting news i heard that day (not for anyone who's reading my so called blog). As my working hours come to an end, I was pretty super excited na for I will be traveling ALONE from Sta. Rosa to Marikina Sports complex. It was a thrilling experience for I don't know the exact location of the venue. No idea at all. But pretty challenging. As Cubao proper comes closer, I asked the man beside me (which I forgot to ask his name) for the easiest way to Marikina sports Complex. I was fortunate for I know the man was kind enough for he showed me the perfect way to the venue. That was really a Jesus experience! I just came in the concert very safe and excited to worship whole heartedly to the Lord. Father, thank you for always giving me the opportunity to explore more of my capabilities and showing me the right person to ask for the directions. Lord, I may be struggling again today but I know You will be one who will provide my needs and definitely my heart's desires.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Signs and Symptoms :D

           Last year, I am truly blessed with different kinds of blessings. From things to people to events and bigger opportunities. 2012 showered me with much love and thanksgiving. It opened my very will to do things that's beyond my reach and doubts. It broadens my capabilities and looking beyond to what is possible. In that same year, the calling gets louder, clearer and much over-whelming. I attended the LiveLoud concert at Cuneta Astrodome and that wasn't part of my plan at all. I find myself lost in hundreds of youths in the said hall. Making my way to the Father, Its hard. Very hard. But He was able to see me when everything was blurred. Then the whole thing turned out like heaven was within my reach. That Father God was hugging me tight and telling me, "Its alright.. :))" bearing that sweet, peaceful and loving smile. My conviction during the worship was again stated. Recharged after a blissful realizations. Let me try discerning  for myself again Lord.That was the start again..
          When I attended the ICON in Bohol. He again showed me the majestic creation a child could ever dreamed of. It seemed like a deeper familiar voice was talking to me in a way a child to her father. I asked "Father, Will You reveal Your plans for me this year?" The voice said' "Daughter, Let Me reveal my plans slowly so you will be able to grasp and understand everything i made in My most perfect time and moment." That time, my hands got clenched. Shivering from vast cold ambiance i felt surrounding me. Then I heard them singing, " No longer I, but Christ in me.. My heart desires His majesty." I'm down in my knees, praying in a sense that a child wanted to go right next to His father. That moment, I realize that things wasn't be easy at all. I said, "Lord, let me be Your soldier. Let me handle things that You want me to handle. Let me explore more of what can a child like me can do more to make her Father happy. Let me be Your Faithful servant. Let me pursue my heart's desires." Then the voice was starting to giggle, seems like I throw a big thought to make Him giggle like that. It was a prayer full of convictions though hesitations occur in the midst of it.
         When we opened the 1st season of CLP for 2012, I was pretty the most excited one. Not to mention the times I really prayed and talked to Him a lot just to help me touched the people that I wanted to crossover to SFC. But I think it really pays off after couple of months. I also decided to pursue the Crossover missions. He said, " You will not work alone anymore my dear princess for you will be able to work with them again and you will all have the same vision for SFC especially in Central 1." And that was one of the biggest surprise ever for that previous year. Best buds like RJ and Janine also cross that bridge. Thank you Lord for always not failing me to make things happen in due expected time. That CLP also triggers me to do and exploring things more. I'm not alone anymore!  Challenge re-accepted. Pretty much excited.
       Father God, as always was a God full of surprises. He never fail to work out every moment just to make me smile. He makes things perfect with His perfect moves. And series of fun-filled activities was revealed throughout the year.  He talked to me several times and I listened keenly. Though sometimes, i doubt but still i believe inspite of the things that may hinder me to come closer to my Father, to my King. I was blessed to have Him made me realize that things will always going out to be great. I was blessed for I know His plans was the best.
           From SFC Heat to YFC Provincial Conference to SFC Anniversary night to YFC Regional Conference to Mall Evangelization and different households and chapter gatherings and so-called kamustahan sessions. I really bet that I have the best of everything in my life. That Thank you was not enough word to express my deepest gratitude to help me feel the fulfillment I currently feel. Some people may not achieve these accomplishments but I'm happy that I did. Truly, this year is somewhat the revelation of God's promise doesn't end to my own belief but to the extent that even the things that I hope for was slowly coming to reality. Last night was a re-confirmation that He will still allow me to do what my heart desires. When mom and sib, Bhea asked what I really wanted to do. I burstly told them.. I wanted to finish my studies, I wanted to be a Full Time Pastoral worker for the community.  But, hello Yan-yan. To the fact that it wasn't the easiest escape at all nor the highest paid-job in the world but most likely it would be the most fulfilling job I know since then. Its 2013, Yes i know. I'm still faithful with my prayers because He is faithful to me. I know that last night was a big sign that I can pursue this dream job anytime. But the reality, I'm not a selfish. I want to finish first prioritizing the need of my family. I am still eager to say 'Yes' to His call. Let us see. Long to go for 2013. Let us be a blessing to each person we encounter so that we are also blessed. Keep our faith shine throughout the year! Bring it on! :)))

Thursday, December 13, 2012

May Rain

Old Stories from May :)) Just wanna post ngayon. Chillax and read my symphonies ♥

I enjoyed the rain as it falls down from up above. 1st rainfall for the 1st day of the month of May 2012. Whew. Umulan din after the long days of hotness. A nostalgic feeling come to me as i watched it falls. It was a relief from the irritating scorching heat of the sun. The past weekend was really amazing and He just showered me with the blessings that weekend. SFC Heat 7-FIRED-UP.
An unexpected budget from someone who did’nt know me well.
A beautiful creation of the seashore.
Worship at the midst of the sun.
Dear friends that join the said conference.
A temporary escape from urban world.
Most of all, I Experience Your ulimate love for ME, Your PRINCESS.
He just properly placed those blessings for me to be able to appreciate them more. For me to be able to know that ‘There is really more to this life’ than my worries, fears, bitterness, anxieties and my so-called insecurities. Kahit pagod na katawan from sleeping sa tent at untiring praktice ng dance min that week, Kahit nasunog ulit ako sa pagbabad sa gitna na araw. Kahit maligaw sa Amazing Race game, Kahit hindi kme ang champion sa lahat ng game, Kahit nakiki-Camera lang, Kahit nasugatan na ang paa ko, Kahit wala pang masyadong tulog, Kahit di ako nakapagdala ng bigas, Kahit di ko makita ung t-shirt, Kahit nagkamali ng konti sa steps, Kahit amoy usok na sa talk, Kahit Mag-high tide na shore. Lord, para sa’yo FIRED-UP AKO MAG-SERVE SYO!
Then just a while ago. Few minutes lang tlaga while im typing this so-called blog? Haha. I realize something na parang i don’t know why it keeps on repeating in my head. Maybe a sort of that nostalgic momentum from the rain. ( I just really love the rain) Bigla akong ngtxt. ’Lord, I really want to fall inlove again’ pero wala pa nmn ikaw bnbgay. Is it a sign that my heart already moved on from the past hurtings it undergone? A week before din when I asked my friend Jen dat same statement. Lord, Im ready na po. With full of conviction. Pero wala talaga,as in wala. Im happy lang na okay na pla tlaga ako. Okay na yung puso ko. Para pag may dumating na, I know I can love him whole-heartedly. (NAKS) I know nmn na im super ready na,pero hinay-hinay na lng ulit si ako. 
Sana patuloy umulan hanggang mamayang gabi. 
Malamig sa pakiramdam.
Pambawas init ulo.
Pambasa sa tuyot na kalsadang naaagnas.
Pampawala ng irita.
Pan-chill sa summer.
O ano pa ba?